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Pricing: 26 X 36 = $ 40.00 $ 15.00 per additional Foot

Discounts for ten or more rugs. Call for details 607-243-7076
Call for Details: 607-243-7076

Service Description

Have your seconds turned into rug bumps at your mill or at our mill (Autumn Mist Fiber Mill ) Send them to us or we can pick them up at a show. We will weave them into Rugs for you. One hundred yard bumps make 26" X 36" to 42" long rugs. Length very depending on diameter of the rug bump. We can make up to twelve feet long.

ATTENTION: We now have a FIVE foot loom. We can make 5' x 8' area rugs.

We also do 12" table runners to your needed lengths.

Fresh from the loom room we can do 20" w and up to eight feet long.x

Terms of Service

Learn to weave your own rugs here at Four Season Alpacas.

One day lessons 8 am to 4 pm
Bring your own bump $ 125 per person
Use one of our bumps $ 195
Leave that day with a rug you made yourself.